Toba View Hotel Hanashinju

A Japanese-style inn built on the high ground of Arashima,




If you are visiting Ise Shrine and Toba, please stay at our hotel in Toba.

Information on sightseeing in the area

  • Ise Shrine

    Known as “Oise-san,” Ise Shrine is composed of Kotai Shrine (Inner Shrine), which is dedicated to the ancestors of the Imperial Family, Toyouke Shrine (Outer Shrine), which is dedicated to the god of agriculture, and other shrines. The magnificent precinct is surrounded by ancient cedar trees. Amaterasu Omikami is worshipped at the shrine, which is said to have been established in the era of Emperor Suinin.

  • Okage Yokocho

    This alleyway is the perfect place to take a stroll while looking for souvenirs after visiting Ise Shrine. Located in the middle of Oharai-machi, the row of shops recreates the lively townscape of the Edo and early Meiji periods. Unique souvenirs and local goods are sold along the bustling street, which is entertaining to just walk along.

  • Toba Aquarium

    This aquarium is large even on a global scale. Characterized by a spacious facility with a resort-like feel, it houses 850 different sea creatures numbering approximately 20,000 and is divided into 8 zones. There are rare creatures such as dugong and black finless porpoise, and even a fun sea lion show.

  • Touring Toba Bay

    The sightseeing boat travels through Toba Bay, which boasts a beautiful contrast between the many islands, blue waters and floating cultured pearl rafts. The boat sails around the ultimate in scenic beauty, the “Matsushima of Shima” in Toba Bay, and stops at Dolphin Island and Shinju Island/aquarium along the way.

  • Wedded Rocks,

    Futamigaura is a beautiful coast chosen as one of the best beaches in Japan. The Wedded Rocks on Futamigaura has been a famous site for watching the sunrise since ancient times. On clear days, you can see Mt. Fuji far in the distance.

  • Futami Sea Paradise

    This is a hands-on aquarium in Ise where visitors can see animals up close, touch them, and feel the warmth of their bodies. The aquarium has lots of entertaining things to see, including walruses and seals that stick out their tongues, and cute sea lion performances.

  • Shima Spain Village

    A sparkling sun, azure sea, and fertile land…
    Parque España is a theme park where visitors can fully enjoy the charms of Spain.
    The four fun stages of city, land, sea, and festivals offer much to see.

  • Pear Road Toba
    Observation Tower

    Located at the midpoint of the 23.8km-scenic drive that links Toba and Okushima, Pearl Road, this well-known spot offers a 360° panoramic view.
    The breathtaking scenery looks down on the stunning, deeply indented coastline. Visitors can also enjoy meals and shopping.

  • Hachiman Kamado

    Very popular! Cute Amachan makeover experience free service, flax hut Kamado Hachiman Up to women divers!