Toba View Hotel Hanashinju

A Japanese-style inn built on the high ground of Arashima,




If you are visiting Ise Shrine and Toba, please stay at our hotel in Toba.

Seasonal dinners for savoring the richness of the four seasons

  • Indulge in seasonal seafood from Ise-Shima
    and the richly colorful foods of the four seasons.

    Dinners serving seasonal foods in Japanese-style dining rooms overlooking Toba Bay feature culinary delights—each and every one is created with delicate, accomplished skills. 
    Enjoy black rockfish, Japanese halfbeak, conger eel and wakame seaweed in spring; abalone, Iwagaki oyster, sea urchin,
    garden eel and turban shell in summer; spiny lobster, prawn, and brown barracuda in autumn; and puffer fish, oyster and turban shell in winter. 
    Eat your fill of the flavors of the four seasons of which Ise-Shima is proud.

  • “Meals are enjoyable precisely for dishes
    that allow you to savor the seasons.”
    Exquisite dishes created with utmost care
    by the Master Chef delight the senses.

    We are proud to serve cuisine that you can relish with your eyes, palate, and heart. Seasonal dinner dishes communicate the spirit of hospitality and close attentiveness of the Master Chef. Each and every one is created with precise, accomplished skills.

    Guests can enjoy evening meals at their leisure in their rooms or the restaurant.


  • Breakfast presents the Japanese spirit
    and the deliciousness of local ingredients.