Toba View Hotel Hanashinju

A Japanese-style inn built on the high ground of Arashima,




If you are visiting Ise Shrine and Toba, please stay at our hotel in Toba.

  • Local traditional pottery Iga ware

    The origins of Iga ware date back 1300 years when kilns were established in Teratani in the village of Marubashira (present-day Marubashira, Iga City) to create sacred jugs for Ise Shrine during the Tenpyo era. The pottery was greatly favored by connoisseurs of art in those days, including Rikyu, Enshu Kobori, and Oribe Furuta, and numerous masterpieces were produced.
    Since building a kiln in 1832 (3rd year of the Tenpo era), Nagatani-en has been passing down the traditions and craft of Iga ware while devoted to making creations that focus on the present times. Nagatani-en works diligently each day under the philosophies of “taking care with the craft precisely because pottery is used every day” and “the creator as the true user.”

  • Ise Shunkei Lacquerware

    The roots of Ise Shunkei can be traced back to the Muromachi period. It is said that craftsmen at Ise Shrine began the art as side work using leftover cast-off building materials from the shrine.
    Hence, there are many box-shaped items made from planks of Japanese cypress, such as jubako (stacked boxes) and zen (small dining trays), and the fact that the transparent shunkei lacquering plays up the grain expresses the character of Ise, which esteems simple life (according to “History of Ujiyamada” published in 1929).

    Teacups and trays with simple, beautiful texture are available, selected to communicate a nostalgic feel.

  • Hotel decoration Tableware and stained glass

    Stained glass catches the light and emits a beautiful brilliance. Each and every original piece is carefully created for living, from stained glass pieces for furnishings such as entrance doors and windows, to small pieces.

  • Hospitality with flowers from the four seasons Flower design

    “Though we can’t cut out and send you the blue sky, we can give you flowers.”
    We take joy in encountering people through flowers and bringing happiness to the world with flower arrangements. Beautiful flowers and the blooms of life—we create flowers for every chapter of life stories, thoughtfully arranging flowers so that guests of this hotel are enveloped in a pleasant mood.

  • A traditional craft of Ise Matsusaka cotton

    I created the informational materials and amenity items found in the hotel.

    I have been creating prints with the roketsuzome (wax-resist dyeing) technique since completing studies on dyeing technologies at university.
    By extension, I started creating book covers from small roketsuzome pictures, and through word of mouth have gone on to produce handmade cloth-covered notebooks, memo pads, and binders.
    After working at a paper store, I began learning lining and bookbinding on my own.
    Send me cloth that you like and I will use it to create items such as memo pads, binders, and notebooks.