Toba View Hotel Hanashinju

A Japanese-style inn built on the high ground of Arashima,




If you are visiting Ise Shrine and Toba, please stay at our hotel in Toba.

Hotel information

  • Guest Rooms 48 (5 rooms have open-air baths)
    *Bath, toilet with bidet functions, air conditioner/heater, refrigerator, TV, electric water kettle, slippers, down quilt and a tea set are provided.
    Check-in 15:00
    Check out 10:00
  • Lobby

    A beautiful view of Toba Bay can be seen from the spacious, airy lobby.
    Visitors are welcome to relax at their leisure.

  • Banquet rooms

    Small (25 guests), medium (100 guests) and large (150 guests) banquet rooms can be prepared in accordance with guest size.
    Services such as karaoke and entertainment can be arranged for parties. *Meeting rooms are also available.

  • Shop

    Toba is home to female divers and pearls. This shop has a wide variety of goods that includes pearls, well-known sweets, seafood, and nostalgic toys.
    Business Hours: 7:00~10:00/15:00~20:30

  • KidsPark

    Enjoy the café while watching the children play,
    creating a space where the whole family can relax.